A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game is about the brave chocolate pudding man. Upon arrival on the mining colony space station, he discover an awful truth. These people don't want no chocolate pudding. Instead they like to nibble on the toes of unfortunate space adventurers. Blast these suckers back to hell with your standard equipment heavy anti-personal laser carbine blaster.

These annoying things won't go anywhere though. Destroy their spawners to keep their numbers down, but eventually they'll get your toes and you lose.
Fortunately for you, the space station keep track of your spawner kills, so you can boast about it to your dead friends. Yay.

Movement: WASD
Jump: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.
Shoot the suckers: Left-mouse click.
Look around: ye mouse.


Final.rar 38 MB


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